Tomatoes! (part four)

Well, next week I should finally be able to bring my tomato plants to the Cottage! Yay! Thankfully it looks as though the cold nights might finally be behind us – thank goodness. This is my first year growing a couple of these varieties, but I have grown Micro Tom every year since I started growing tomatoes, and it is always a charmer. The plants are adorable and no one can ever believe that it actually puts out tomatoes with its short stature of only 6 to 8 inches, but it really does!

Amish Paste

This Roma type tomato comes from an Amish community in Wisconsin and is rumored to be the absolute best paste tomato out there, but from what I read they also make a wonderful sauce.

Martino’s Roma

This Italian heirloom is great for just about anything – sauces, paste, salsas or salads – the pear shaped fruit is meaty and richly flavored. The vines are very productive and will produce hundreds of 2 ounce fruits borne in clusters of four to six in a season.

German Lunchbox

Brought to the US by a German family who emigrated here and had been growing this tomato for many years, the German lunchbox tomato is about the size of a small egg and is a perfectly sweet snacking tomato.

Alice’s Dream

Alice’s Dream tomato is one of the prettiest tomatoes that you will ever grow. This beautiful yellow and orange, bi-color fruit turns darker on the top side with blushes of yellow, orange and reds and is bursting with antioxidants and an incredible depth of flavor. The fruits are sweet and earthy with very upfront fruitiness. Vines are relatively hardy, prolific and tall.

Dad’s Sunset

A beautiful golden orange heirloom, dad’s sunset tomatoes are both pretty and delicious. With a round, unblemished, smooth skinned 10 ounce fruit that has a slightly tart yet wonderfully sweet flavor, these gorgeous sunset hued tomatoes are a great for salads or snacking.

Micro Tom

The world’s tiniest tomato plant! If you don’t have the luxury of a garden or you are just looking for a novelty to put in a pot, this adorable tomato plant might be just what you are looking for. At a whopping 6 to 8 inches in height, this little plant manages to produce tons of tiny but flavorful cherry tomatoes all season long. And, given the right conditions, this little cutie can be grown in a windowsill to give you fresh cherry tomatoes to add to your salads all year long!

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