Vegas Winter Market 2022

Curiosity. Curiosity was the biggest reason that I wanted to attend the Vegas Winter Market. I really had no idea what to expect when I got there, other than it was huge and there would be a lot of walking. So I packed my ugly (but comfy) shoes, booked our flights, and away we went…

I honestly don’t think the word “huge” is adequate for describing the enormity of the campus of the World Market Center. According to what I could find online, there are MILLIONS of square feet of space between the buildings. Two of them are 16 floors apiece! I had seen pictures, but WOW – being there really made it hit home just HOW big the market is. I was definitely a little overwhelmed.

Thankfully we realized on our second day wandering in and out of vendor booths and showrooms that two of the buildings really didn’t pertain to me – they were filled with the large stuff like furniture, beds, rugs – things that I am in no way looking to put in my Cottage. I really wish I had taken a step counter with me though. Even though we spent the bulk of our time just carousing the Expo and only one of the three buildings, I know I had to have walked miles. At least my poor hips and back thought so!!

There were SO MANY beautiful things to look at – trying to take it all in was exhausting. The expo portion of the market was set up like a typical vendor fair for the most part. There were candles, purses, jewelry, rugs, home decor – all sorts of goods and services on display in each booth. Some of the vendors handed out samples which was fun – I got home with several tiny bars of soap and a couple of little bottles of lotion, lol. There was even a cash and carry area in the back with all sorts of interesting things that you could take with you.

The permanent showrooms in the larger buildings were something else. Each floor is set up kind of like a mall – each showroom is its own entity, fully enclosed by glass walls with sometimes several doorways that opened in to the hallways (the several doorways thing made it impossible to go out the way you came in, so there were many times we exited a showroom and had no idea where we were or which direction we had been going, lol). Some showrooms took up a good portion of the whole floor, and others were relatively small, but every one was packed to the brim with all sorts of wonderful items. I was in awe of all the Christmas on display in many of them – and the lighting!! I could have spent a whole day just looking at chandeliers!!

We spent the better portion of 4 days at the market. I saw so many beautiful things that would be a great fit for the cottage. I gathered several catalogs and business cards and applied for several wholesale accounts. I learned quite a bit, and I definitely want to go back next year. At least then I will be a bit more prepared and will know what to expect – but I am already looking forward to it!!

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