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I really don’t know a lot about house plants. With limited exception, my knowledge where they are concerned is very google based. I do have some at home that I have managed to keep alive for a few years now, and since I have killed more than a few in my lifetime I consider that an accomplishment. Although I don’t have a lot of practical experience with house plants, I knew when I started planning the items I wanted to carry here at the Cottage that they would definitely be high on my list.

Unfortunately the timing of my opening didn’t really allow me the time to completely prepare, but thanks to a friend I was able to at least have some plants to get me through the winter, and I managed to come up with some shelving to display them. That all changes in the coming week though. I finally ordered a shelving unit to go in one of the windows at the shop and it should be arriving in a couple of days, and the plants that I ordered should follow shortly after that.

Ah, the plants . . . . all of them dependent on me to keep them alive until they find their forever homes. No pressure. (haha) Luckily, there is the internet. And for every plant that I googled I found tons of information. How to water, light needs, fertilization, pests – all of the things. But it is a LOT to know and too much to remember all at once.

So I came up with a plan. Every Thursday I am going to pick a plant (or two . . . or three . . . ) that I have in house and I will post a “plant highlight” on it. I will try to include its origin along with all the pertinent care information and the answer to one of the important questions that people ask – is it toxic to my children or pets. And of course – there will be pictures. I know this will help me learn about them so that hopefully I don’t have to go running for my phone every time I am asked a question about one of my plants. Hopefully someone out there finds it helpful as well!

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